Don't underestimate your superpowers - start building your dreams

Don't underestimate your superpowers - start building your dreams

I never really appreciated what my hands are capable of doing.
They just do their thing without me noticing. . Like braiding my sister's hair, cutting a mango, or fixing up my bike.

I always identified with my brainwork. It has always been putting words together that was my way of creating something.

Last summer, I built a terrace. not because I thought I could but because it wasn't going to make itself. (It took me some time to realize this fact, I must admit).

DIY powertrip 
In the building process, I had to figure out which planks to use, which screws, and so on. And like in any good story, I started to change.

My hands started to take over. They were getting confident with the spirit level and the screwdriver. Was it always joyful and easy? No.

So why would I go on with it? Because I made progress. It was right there in front of me. Slow but steady I could see the progress that I made. 

DIY empowerment is a thing 
To build ⁣your terrace is one of the most empowering things I have ever done. Now I feel like I can build anything - maybe it's not perfect the first time, but every time I have a coffee or a drink on my terrace, I sit on the manifestation of the very fact that I can accomplish something that I thought wasn't capable of doing.

Don't underestimate your superpowers - and start building your dreams. We will love to help you on the way.