FLID was founded in 2020 by Julia Sand, Ditte Marie Ibsen and Solveig Kolstad.

The idea that eventually became FLID started in the summer of 2019. Solveig Kolstad was building a new terrasse in her garden. In the process she got confronted with an old school idea of what handy looks like. That sparked the idea to change that perception.

And who better to transform that idea into a tested, durable concept and product portfolio with upcycled high-quality design than the award-winning designers Ditte Marie Ibsen and Julia Sand.

Like that - FLID was born.

Ever since we have worked on building a community and brand that inspires and helps you to build, fix and repair.

We do it with durable aesthetic hand tools and building kits made from high-quality upcycled wood, created so you can pass it down to the next generation.