Pass it down to the next generation

You’re taking responsibility by using fairly produced products to build and repair things and ultimately reduce consumption. By building something you care about but also for the society you are a part of creating. That's what we thrive to do. That's part of why we founded FLID tools.  

FLID tools are designed to last a lifetime and even be  passed down to younger generations. Should you ever wear down your handle you can replace it with a new one and still use the part of your tool that works perfectly fine. Just send your defect part our way and we will replace it.

How we upcycle

Our wooden handles and leather elements are made of leftovers from high quality Danish design chairs. We upcycle the waste by turning it into beautiful handles for our hammers and screwdrivers and delicate leather cases to protect and organize your hand tools. 

What you pay for 

When you buy our products 50 percent of the prize is for production costs and 50 percent is for branding, sales, fulfillment and development. We mostly sell our products on our website. That way we can ensure that more of your money is assigned to sustainability.